Monday, December 28, 2009

Friday 18/12/2009 Departure from Brisbane and Arrival in Port Vila

For the first time on an international holiday I took some photos out of the window of the plane as we flew, I'm not sure how these will come out, but I took advantage of the travel time to explore some cool cloud formations.

Can you see the dragons head in the above photo?

The two photos above are aerial shots of Noumea

Our arrival into Port Vila via Air Vanuatu was delayed a while as there was another plane departing from the Island of Santo. This was our first introduction to the relaxed nature of 'Island Time', also called 'Blackwantime' by the local inhabitants. I, Myself prefer the term 'Island time'. The airport in Santo is small, but quite quaint.

We spend the remains of the day lazing around in our resort room, meeting the locals and preparing ourselves with some sleep.

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