Monday, December 28, 2009

Monday 21/12/2009 - Our first taste of Kava

This morning we were picked up from the resort after breakfast by the Big Blue bus. We did 3 sections of theory in the morning with Mike, an ex-pat Aussie, and Henry, a softly spoken Vanuatu man. The theory session went well, we had pizza for lunch from the 'Nambawan Cafe' located right beside Big Blue on the water front. From there we were driven to our pool session with Jerry a very comical Vanuatu man who was very helpful and informative whilst still making the daunting experience of our fist time in wetsuits and tanks as comfortable as possible.

Tonight after dinner we were invited to the local Kava bar by Diana. We met at the front of the resort and were joined by another couple of guests - Heather from Toowoomba and her mother Meryl from Maryborough (nice, down-to-earth people) and another member of staff - Effie. Kava tastes pretty much like watery mud and smells pretty horrible but we drank it just the same. Luckily Diana had informed us of the smell and taste and had told us to just drink it down. It made my tongue 'numb tumas' which is 'Bislama' for very numb, the local bar owner found it funny to hear us using his language to describe the feeling. Kava is relaxing and gives your body a fuzzy feeling all over. It made me more talkative than usual (not sure if that's a good thing or not, but hey). As we were leaving the bar I gave Diana the Bourbon I'd promised myself to give her as payment for the hair braiding, she was reluctant to accept it, but both hubby and I insisted that she accept. When I finally told her that it may be considered rude of her not to accept my gift, she did graciously accept - she knew I would and could not ever think her rude.

Have I said already just how friendly and accommodating the Vanuatu people are? I know I have, but it just can't be said enough, it has to be experienced to be believed.

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