Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Thursday 24/12/2009 - Christmas Eve

Today was a lazy recovery day.
We spent the vast majority of the day at the resort.
We did go out to buy some food from the supermarket for Christmas day, just in case we couldn't find anything open tomorrow.

There are slit gongs and carved tree ferns throughout Efate, it's a great cultural touch.

I'm not sure what this building held, but it had one of the most awesome and creative murals I've seen in ages.

I did some more sketching of the resort gardens (nothing to write home about) and studied some more for the dive ticket.

Tonight I had a terrible night sleep, fraught with bad dreams.
I really worry about hubby being sick, tonight I contemplated seeing if we could get our flights home brought forward (although I didn't dare bring this up to hubby as I know it would just frustrate him). The antibiotics were making him throw up and knowing there was nothing I could do about it left me feeling weak and powerless.

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