Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Wednesday 23/12/2009 - Vila Central Hospital

When hubby woke up this morning his throat was really sore, he was quite unwell. We'd heard that from time to time 'Baby Docs' (Foreign doctors in-training) would stay at our resort, so we figured we'd see if we can get some free medical advice, at least an indication if they think it's 'doctor-worthy', but alas none were currently staying at Coconut Palms Resort. We eventually decided that enough was enough and that the best bet was to walk down to the public hospital, only a few minutes walk away. Hospitals in developing countries are quite different than hospitals at home. The fixtures are old and the fittings well used. That being said, the service was great, the price awesome, the staff quite helpful and the doctors excellent.

We were given some weird looks in the waiting room as we sat patiently waiting our turn to see the doctor. Apparently, most tourists see private doctors at the private hospital, we figured coming here was the best way to put some money back into the Vanuatu public health system (as non-residents pay an 'premium' - $45 AUD, once off charge) and it was the closest medical facility. It turned out that hubby was to see a specialist. I won't go into all the details, but the end result was that hubby was placed on antibiotics and antihistamines and told he wasn't allowed to drink alcohol, coffee, spicy, hot or cold food or drinks.

Once we got back to the resort, I put hubby to bed and went out to do some sketching by the pool. I drew a black tree fern carving (the last one, if you follow the link), that I was actually quite impressed with. I returned to the room for an afternoon snuggle and fell asleep.

later that evening I was taking a shower when the phone rang, it was Tony from the reception desk. He informed us that his girlfriend Katura was at the resort and he wouldn't be finished work for a while. I invited her to our room and we sat outside and talked into the night about all manner of things. Whilst there were many differences between hers and my up bringings, environment and culture it was easy to relate to her. We spoke about the role of women in Vanuatu both in the past and currently and it's similarities and differences with Australia and our past, the sexual division of labour, the role of the family unit, the importance of tourism, local food, our goals in life ... As I mentioned earlier she will be studying in New Zealand to be a pilot next year, after receiving a scholarship to do so - Congratulations Katura!!

Katura asked what I'd been up to today, so I showed her the sketch as mentioned earlier. She was impressed and suggested that I could sell it if I wanted to. So, I removed it from my sketchbook and gave it to her as a Christmas present. That's why I can't attach a photo or scan of it here.

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