Sunday, February 14, 2010

Monday 28/12/2009 - Our first Dives

Today we'd booked-in to do our first two dives.
Lewarki (excuse the spelling as I have no idea how to spell his name properly), Mark and Jerry took us out on the boat to Pango Cove where the visibility was awesome! Diving is a great experience, there's something surreal and magical about the underwater world that has to be experienced to be believed. We then made our way to a site called "Yanki Julia" which was a 'bommy' dive, the visibility here wasn't as good as at Pango cove but it was still beautiful. There's something about a wetsuit that puts a certain amount of pressure on your bladder, enough to give you the desire to pee, but not enough to squeeze it out. By the time we'd reached the jetty I was busting. I quickly told Jerry that I didn't mean to be rude and that I would return my kit to the shed, but that firstly I had to run off the boat into the bathroom. I heard laughter as I jumped off the boat onto the jetty and skipped my way up to the public toilet. The lady 'manning' the toilets (you have to pay for public toilet usage, but it's not much) could tell I was in a rush, so she let me get in without paying. Once I was done I thanked her profusely and got hubby to pay her the minimal fee. Once we'd dried off and become more comfortable we did some theory quizzes, which were frustrating as they covered sections of the manuals we hadn't even read yet. Thank goodness for Jerry who helped to make light of the situation which was frustrating me even more so as I had water in my ears and couldn't hear or balance properly. Being in that state via natural causes is immensely frustrating, it's one thing to be unstable on your feet after a drink or two, but staggering around sober as a judge is just strange.

On the way back to the resort we stopped at the pharmacy for some Aquaear to get the water out of my head, painkillers just in case and tooth numbing gel for the dental work I had done prior to leaving Brisbane. The tooth ache was very frustrating as I'd deliberately gone to the dentist prior to going to Vanuatu, knowing that I'd not get to a dentist over there. The dentist replaced a filling that was painless, until the new one was put in and we'd arrived in Vanuatu, but I wasn't going to let that stop me from having a good time.

Once back at the resort we ordered some cocktails and drank them over a few games of snooker at the resort bar.

The day was almost over, but we made sure to book more tours for the remains of our stay, to make sure we got everything done we wanted to before going back home to the grind-stone and 'shoulded' ourselves for what we didn't do.

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