Monday, February 15, 2010

Thursday 31/12/2009 - New Years Eve

Today we'd booked in to do the remaining two dives on our dive ticket (I promise to list the dives and give a brief description here after consultation with our dive log books). We made our way out onto the water with the Big Blue crew, after the first dive and some swim testing that was compulsory for passing the dive ticket, we got back on tot he boat and made our way to the second dive for the more experienced divers that were with us. It was intended that we would drop off the more experienced people then make our way to our dive site. Jerry was talking about the advanced divers wreck dive. being cheeky (as always) I commented "A Wreck Dive already, thanks Jerry" to which Jerry replied asking if that's something we'd like to do. Of course we unanimously agreed, wreck dives are usually reserved for the more experienced, so we were in luck. We couldn't go all over the wreck but we did get a chance to dive around it to a depth of about 20 meters. Jerry showed us what he called "boxing fish" who hung out around the mast of the wreck. he called them boxing fish as when he punched the water in their general direction the swam away, only a few moments later to attempt seeking revenge by charging Jerry's hands - classic. On this dive I decided to try a reverse roll entry into the water, I'd watched many others do it successfully before me so I figured it shouldn't be too difficult. I entered the water and before I knew it I'd completed about 4 somersaults under the water - to Jerry's entertainment.

On the boat ride back to shore Jerry told me that he'd met a woman like me once, a cheeky one. I asked him if he still knew her. He informed me that he did indeed still know her, she used to be his girlfriend. I asked where she was these days, and he told me she was his wife hehehehe

Tonight, being New Years Eve we decided to go out for a night on the town to celebrate and also to take Diana out for a few drinks and dances. We took along with us two guys from the resort Rob, another cheeky Aussie that earlier in the week had commented on a shirt I was wearing. It was a 'Gypsy Nights' t-shirt, he asked what it meant so I told him that the only way he should ask what it meant was if it was a 'Gypsy Twist' T-shirt, his friends thought that hilarious, but he didn't get it, he insisted that I explain what the Gypsy Twist was, which I did, he then suggested that he was a visual learner and that it would be better if I showed him or drew a picture. I called him a 'cheeky sod' and explained that my husband probably wouldn't be happy for me to show him, but that I could probably do a fair artistic impression of it. We both took the conversation in good faith, nothing sus (which was rather refreshing). Anyhow, back to the point, we went out with Rob and his friend who's name I believe is Shane. Diana had previously told me about a tourist guy from the resort from years ago that treated her well, took her out to dinner and bought her expensive perfume before returning home, Shane was that guy, and what a sweety he was. I caught them a couple of times holding hands and whispering sweet, cute nothings in each others ears. It was obvious he was completely smitten with her, and rightfully so. We walked into town and down to 'The Waterfront' a restaurant and bar that was really busy. We approached the door where the waitress was keen to inform us that there weren't serving people. As we left, we chuckled at the thought that perhaps she would have served animals, and that if we had have lifted our legs on a plant in the garden perhaps then they would have served us LOL.

As we were making our way towards the Go Gecko Bar we met up with some of Dianas friends, JJ and the other girls name I can't remember (how embarrassing), they were mostly speaking to Diana in Bislama. There was a time in the conversation that I could tell they were making jokes at the boys expense. Even though it was in Bislama I looked over, gave them the thumbs up and said "good one" they laughed and explained that they didn't know I spoke Bislama, I don't speak Bislama I just knew it was the perfect opportunity to break the ice. After then I joked and laughed with them, they are really nice girls and an absolute riot to go out with.

Midnight came and Go Gecko closed momentarily so everybody could walk across the road to the Oceanfront to watch the fireworks that the 'richies' over on Iriki had kindly put on for us and the other locals. We made our way back to Go Gecko. Diana asked us where we'd like to go next, we insisted that it was her choice. Her and the girls choose "The Flamming Bull", a steakhouse by day and a nightclub by night. Hubby, Rob, Shane and I were about the only Caucasoid's there, it was great. The girls were surprised that, after watching the first two dances that I joined them on the dance floor. I think they expected me to dance like an uncoordinated white woman, on the contrary, I took a leaf from their book and danced in the sexy style that they were. They were quite impressed, I don't think I've ever been given so many high-fives in one night ever.

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