Monday, February 15, 2010

Saturday 02/01/2010 - Chinese for Dinner

Today we spent the day in recovery at the resort, for the most part.
We did venture into town and did some shopping. We found that many shops in Efate sell cheap DVD's, so we bought one planning to get James from the resort to put it on the DVD player at the resort.

We noticed this palm formation on a local oval, we were later told that these were residual features from a recent music concert. We figured that no matter how much they looked like toilet cubicles that they must have been stalls for selling goods of some description.

The further we looked we noticed the written language variation of Pigeon, it's sort of cute in a way. This sign tells us how if you recharge with this company you get double your money worth and available now here (naoia).

The Ministry of Health "Ministri Blong Healt"

And this no trespassing sign brought a smile to our faces.

There seems to be an abundance of fruit in Vanuatu, it seems that everywhere you look there are fruit trees of some description almost begging to be harvested.

Tonight we decided that we'd do what seems to be a B&B tradition. To dine at a Chinese restaurant no matter where in the world we were. We picked the Chinese restaurant a couple of doors up from the resort, a good decision. The restaurant was THE cleanest Chinese restaurant we'd ever seen and we've been to China. The food was great and the company (my dear hubby) was even better. We inadvertently bought too much food, so we ended up taking it back to the resort for tomorrow.
I think it was this night that we watched the DVD we'd bought, hilarious fun. It was subtitled, obviously by someone whose first language was not English. In one part of the movie a woman says "I'm a forensic scientist, that means I'm a glorified librarian" the subtitles however told a different story - "I'm a forensic scientist, that means I'm a barbarian".

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